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From vertical construction — buildings, parking garages, and communication towers — to horizontal construction — highways, bridges, and railroad facilities — Pare is able to address all related structural engineering issues. Our expertise includes condition surveys of existing facilities, and the development of rehabilitation concepts, designs, and material applications to preserve these structures. Our experience in the use of materials such as carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, masonry, and timber allows Pare to offer economical designs to suit a variety of criteria specific to each project.

Pare’s structural engineers have also been retained by both owners and construction contractors to provide pre- and post-construction surveys of structures located in the nearby vicinity of construction projects such as tunnel borings, utility excavation and replacements, and large buildings.  Pare also provides structural analysis of buildings slated for demolition and prepares plans for partial or complete demolitions.

  • Building Rehabilitation and Design
  • Restoration of Historic Structures
  • Parking Decks and Specialty Structures 
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Surveys
  • Industrial Facilities, Storage Tanks, and Towers
  • Foundation Design
  • Power Facilities
  • Bridges and Waterfront Structures
  • Condition Surveys and Load Ratings
  • Seismic and Computer Analyses
  • Design Review for Code Compliance
  • Cost Estimating and Construction Observation

To view representative vertical structural projects, click here.

For more information on structural services for vertical construction (buildings, foundations, parking garages, etc.), please contact: Michael Rongione, P.E.

To view representative bridge projects, click here.

For more information on structural services for bridges (highway, railroad, pedestrian, etc.), please contact:  John Shevlin, P.E.