Lafarge Bayonne Terminal Dolphin Rehabilitation

Bayonne, NJ

Lafarge Bayonne Terminal Dolphin Rehabilitation

Bayonne, NJ
  • Pier Inspection and Condition Assessment
  • Short-Term Recommendations
  • Alternatives Analysis and Opinions of Probable Costs
  • Coordination with Regulatory Agencies
  • Preparation of Structural Design and Bid Documents
  • Construction Management

Pare Corporation was retained by Lafarge North America to rehabilitate their existing deteriorated dry bulk cement pier unloading facility in Bayonne, New Jersey. Severe deterioration of the existing steel H-piles resulted in the substantial weakening of the structure, limiting the ability to withstand applied loads.

Pare provided several rehabilitation alternatives, and prepared an “Action Report” which compared the proposed alternatives with respect to estimated cost, constructability, and benefit. Following review of the report, Pare prepared final design and bidding documents for two of the alternatives: the installation of additional piling or concrete encasement repair of the existing H-Piles. Concrete encasement of the existing piling was selected on the basis of minimal disruption to operations ongoing at the pier and cost.

The work was progressed in two phases, with Pare providing construction monitoring and project management. The first phase consisted of the encasement of the severely deteriorated discharge pipe supports, and repair of interim pile supports on Dolphin No.3. The second phase was comprised of the encasement of the deteriorated H-piles supporting Dolphin No.3.