Pare Tours New Plymouth North High School

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Pare Tours New Plymouth North High School

August 30, 2012  |  Articles
Lauren Gluck, P.W.S.
Senior Environmental Scientist in Pare's Wetlands Group
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Plymouth North High School facade

On August 28, Pare staff were offered a tour of the newly constructed Plymouth North High School before the students begin school next week. Pare partnered with Ai3 Architects and Gates, Leighton and Associates (now BETA Group) on the project, which is part of the MA Model School Program and is seeking LEED Gold certification. The project required the services of every division and department at Pare, including the site design, traffic analyses, wetland delineation, environmental permitting, environmental and geotechnical investigations, and construction support. We explored the many green features of the school during our tour. Some of these green features incorporated into the project were discussed in a previous entry of the GreenPARE Blog published in May. View the previous entry here.

Pare carpools from Foxboro to Plymouth North

We began our tour with a walk through the school building, during which we were able to see the media center, gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, and classrooms.

The media center is designed to maximize the use of natural light. This two story space has large windows and lighting fixtures that are activated by the absence of sunlight.

Plymouth North High School’s state-of-the-art auditorium.

Plymouth North High School’s modern cafeteria.

The gymnasium uses reconditioned air, maximizing energy efficiency. The walking track along the perimeter of the upper level gym space will be open to the public which helps attribute to SS Credit 10 – Joint Use of Facilities.

The gymnasium lobby features artwork made up of memorabilia from the former school.

During our walk around the site, we were able to see many of the sustainable features and best management practices incorporated into the landscape design, stormwater management system, and athletic facilities. The photos below highlight some of these features on the site.

A rain garden featuring native species and river stones provides stormwater management at the drop-off loop.

The school’s central courtyard is designed to maximize natural light to classrooms while providing an attractive outdoor space. River stone lining the building facilitates drainage and helps prevent moisture from being held against the building.

Accessibility for the handicapped at the school’s stadium facility.

Porous concrete and landscaped areas surrounds the concession building, minimizing impervious area.

The newly constructed Council On Aging building adjacent to the High School overlooks the athletic facilities.

Interlocking blocks provide a permeable surface for parking areas around the school. Bike lanes around the campus encourage cycling to school.

Demolition of the former school building will continue as school begins. Additional athletic facilities and parking will be constructed in the location of the previous school.

Our visit to Plymouth North High School was a great opportunity for people from various departments within our company to see how all of the work we do at Pare comes together in a finished project with multiple sustainable features.