An Update on Pare’s Earth Day Activities

Firm News | Jul 2019

An Update on Pare’s Earth Day Activities

July 12, 2019  |  Firm News

Members of Pare’s Sustainability Committee have been busy helping communities design resilient and sustainable projects and encouraging our employees to incorporate green practices into our everyday lives. 

In honor of Earth Day, they held an office-wide Jeans Drive to support the “Blue Jeans Go Green” ( program to help us become more green.  This recycling program manufactures building insulation using repurposed denim.  To date the program has diverted over 1,230 tons of donated denim, which is approximately 2,500,000+ articles of clothing to produce more than 4,830,000- SQ FT of insulation.  Fifty-six pairs of jeans and denim scraps were collected for this great cause as a result of our office drive.  To learn where you can recycle your denim or organize a community drive, please go to

The Sustainability Committee also organized the Annual Pare Earth Day Photo Contest.  The winner of this year contest was Project Engineer Dave Caouette with his photo “Honeybee.”

Providing an estimated $20 billion to US crop production, honeybees are an indispensable asset to our food production economy, bio-diversity, and way of life. Keep this in mind when self-performing or contracting pest/weed control services and make sure that you are using bee friendly products.

This photo was one in a series that he took in his garden on April 17th.

He commented, “These grape hyacinth were taking over and I decided to go out and remove a few to regain my garden.  Instead I found myself in a prone position watching scores of honeybees hard at work.  Live and let live.” 

He also shared a few great resources to help us all learn how we can all help the bees!

  • Info on Bees (bee 101):
  • Honeybee alternatives (easy to make and very safe to have around as they don’t sting):
  • Things to know before you spray (to minimize impact to bees):
  • The impact of spraying: 

For helping us remember that bees are essential for food production, bio-diversity, and our way of life, Dave has won a $50 B-Good Gift Card. Congratulations and thank you on behalf of the bees, Dave!