Todd Turcotte Joins Pare!

Firm News | Sep 2023

Todd Turcotte Joins Pare!

September 14, 2023  |  Firm News

Pare Corporation is pleased to announce that Todd Turcotte, P.E., has returned to Pare Corporation as Vice President of the Waterfront/Marine Group in the Geotechnical Division. Through his work history, Todd has demonstrated a strong skill set in Land Development, Negotiations, Operations Management, Procurement and Coastal Engineering. He brings over 29 years of experience working on a variety of marine/waterfront, civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering projects.

John Shevlin, Chief Executive Officer, comments, “We are happy to welcome Todd back onto the team to help manage our waterfront/marine team. Our waterfront/marine group continues to grow, allowing Pare to increase the number of projects they tackle to accommodate our client base and to address issues due to sea level rise that continues to threaten our coasts. We at Pare are excited to work alongside Todd once again, and we look forward to seeing him to continue to grow Pare’s Waterfront/Marine Group in the future.”

Todd first joined Pare in 1997 as a Project Manager. After leaving Pare, Todd worked for several other firms, most recently as a division manager for another company’s waterfront/marine division. His experience includes the design of commercial terminals, petroleum storage facilities, ports and marinas, piers, bulkheads, and retaining walls, and conducting structural inspections/preparing evaluation reports for industrial waterfront facilities, bridges, buildings, and various other structures. He has also performed vessel berthing impact analyses for large and small commercial/industrial facilities; wave-prediction and wave-force vulnerability analyses for marina layout/planning and coastal protection projects.