Pare’s Waterfront Team is WEDG-Certified

Firm News | May 2024
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Pare’s Waterfront Team is WEDG-Certified

May 01, 2024  |  Firm News

Pare Corporation is excited to share that our entire Waterfront team has achieved WEDG® (Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines) certification. Similar to a LEED certification, WEDG is a science-based voluntary rating system developed by the Waterfront Alliance. The WEDG program sets consistent standards and encourages projects that exceed expectations in the waterfront sector. This certification signifies our commitment to building, transforming, revitalizing, and safeguarding waterfronts with an emphasis on resilience, ecology, and accessibility. For more info, visit the Waterfront Alliance website.

We’re proud of this achievement as it underscores our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver high-quality, sustainable solutions for waterfront development. As we move forward, we’re excited to apply our enhanced skills and knowledge to future projects, helping more communities with their waterfront-related projects.

Congratulations to Todd Turcotte, Matt Bellisle, Brian Dutra, JP Nanni, Kyle Dubuc, Ella Lange, and Tyler Donahue for your commitment to learning about designing resilient, ecological, and accessible waterfronts by becoming WEDG Associates!