345 Harris Avenue Site Remediation

Providence, RI

345 Harris Avenue Site Remediation

Providence, RI
  • Phase I and Phase II ESAs
  • Remedial Action Work Plan
  • Public Engagement in an EJ Area
  • Green Stormwater Design
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Environmental Land Usage Restriction Update

Pare completed the investigation and remediation of the former location of a state traffic court building which had previously been an industrial site. Pare conducted a Phase I ESA for the site and a site investigation to identify the nature and extent of contamination.

Pare then prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) that balanced the intended future use of the site with the need to protect human health and the environment from the underlying contamination. Pare also prepared an interim Environmental Land Usage Restriction (ELUR) that governed the use of the site until and through the construction process. Upon completion of construction, Pare prepared a project closure report and recorded a new ELUR for the property.

The project required innovative green stormwater management to comply with the Narragansett Bay Commission’s requirement to remove stormwater from the local CSO system. The RAWP includes provisions for creating a clean stormwater corridor in which future stormwater will infiltrate without inducing leaching of hazardous waste and further degradation of the underlying groundwater table.