Aquarion Water Engineering Services

Oxford, Hingham, Millbury, MA

Aquarion Water Engineering Services

Oxford, Hingham, Millbury, MA
  • Water System Distribution Study
  • Water System Storage Evaluation
  • Water Main Replacement Projects
  • Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation
  • Water System Hydraulic Modeling
  • Groundwater Well Pump Upgrades
  • Water Treatment Plant Pilot Study
  • MassDEP Permitting

Pare has provided consulting services to Aquarion Water, a regional water supplier for several Massachusetts municipalities, under a Master Services Agreement since 2016. Projects have included:

Distribution System and Storage Assessments: Pare completed water system evaluations for all of Aquarion’s Massachusetts systems including Hingham/Hull, Millbury, and Oxford. These included evaluating fire flow deficiencies, system discontinuities, and system redundancy as well as a storage analysis to determine required peak hour, fire, and emergency storage volumes for the three systems.

Accord Tank Rehabilitation Project: Pare prepared the construction bid documents for the rehabilitation of a 750,000-gallon steel multi-column elevated tank. Hingham, MA.

Jacques Well Water Treatment Plant (JWTP) Pilot Demonstration Study: The JWTP includes two pressure ion-exchange filter vessels operated in series to remove perchlorate from the Jacques Well. In an effort to reduce annual operation and maintenance costs, AWC is investigating the use of an alternative filter media. Pare prepared the MassDEP permit requesting a full-scale pilot demonstration test and the Pilot Study Test Report to submit to MassDEP for approval. Millbury, MA.

Free Street 2 Well Pump Replacement: Pare completed a hydraulic modeling evaluation to size a new well pump. Pare prepared the MassDEP permit to replace the existing 100-hp vertical turbine well pump with a larger 200-hp pump. Pare prepared construction documents, including plans and specifications.

Hingham Distribution System Atlas Updates: AWC’s water system infrastructure, including pipes, valves, and hydrants are compiled in an AutoCAD drawing used to generate the system atlas used by the field and office personnel. On an annual basis Pare incorporates any changes to the system into the CAD files to keep the system maps up to date. This information is also used to generate an overall system GIS map.

Tower Road Water Main Replacement: Pare designed the replacement of 1,500 linear feet of 2-inch galvanized iron pipe with 8-inch ductile iron. The installation included the blasting of approximately 175 cubic yards of rock within a residential neighborhood. Responsible for design, bidding, submittal review, contract change orders, contractor clarifications, record drawings, and contract closeout. Hingham, MA.