Aquidneck Island Bridge Preservation

Washington and Newport Counties, RI

Aquidneck Island Bridge Preservation

Washington and Newport Counties, RI
  • Bridge evaluation
  • Preliminary study report
  • Design and detailing of bridge repairs
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Historic bridge accommodations
  • Environmental permitting
  • Construction-phase services

Pare Corporation prepared a Design-Bid-Build contract for preservation repairs to 25 bridges across multiple communities for the RI Department of Transportation. Pare reviewed existing inspection reports, conducted field visits to each bridge to identify potential repairs, and assembled a list of repairs, evaluated with respect to cost and importance to the long-term life of each structure. A Preliminary Study Report was prepared to recommend repairs that could be completed within RIDOT’s budget for the project.

Upon approval of the preliminary study report, Pare developed plans and specifications for repairs to 22 of the bridges. Various repairs included painting, joint repair and/or replacement, concrete deck repairs, superstructure repairs, substructure repairs, structural steel repairs, concrete and stone culvert repairs, guardrail repairs, brush and tree clearing, and waterproofing. Pare also prepared environmental permit applications for selected bridges. Historic bridges were evaluated and repairs were selected and detailed to be sensitive to the historic status of the bridges.

During construction, Pare reviewed contractor submittals, responded to Requests for Information, and conducted and documented a Final Inspection with the RIDOT Project Manager.