Citizens Bank HQ Infrastructure

Johnston, RI

Citizens Bank HQ Infrastructure

Johnston, RI
  • Water main design
  • Sewer design
  • Water storage tank design
  • Water pump station design
  • Geotechnical investigations and design
  • Roadway improvements

To support the development of a new corporate campus for Citizen’s Bank, Pare designed and permitted extensions of off-site infrastructure upgrades for water and sewer utilities. Pare designed approximately 7,000 feet of new 12-inch PVC gravity sewer and approximately 9,000 feet of 16-inch ductile iron water main. Pare also prepared design plans for a 1-million-gallon water storage tank and a new water booster pump station to replace the Providence Water Supply Board’s Greenville Avenue Pump Station.

Pare performed geotechnical explorations in support of a new interchange that was built off of I-295 at Greenville Avenue. Pare designed the support walls for the new access ramps and provided full-time observation during construction.

Pare assisted the Providence Water Supply Board and the Narragansett Bay Commission with construction-phase services, which included coordination with Citizens Bank, Providence Water, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, the Rhode Island Department of Health, National Grid, and other engineering firms associated with the infrastructure upgrades required to service the proposed corporate campus.