Curtis Pond Dam Removal

Middleton, MA

Curtis Pond Dam Removal

Middleton, MA
  • Phase I and II Dam Inspections/Evaluations
  • Dam Seepage & Stability Evaluation
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling & Evaluation
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Dam Removal Feasibility Study and Final Design
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Construction Observation

Pare Corporation was retained by SEA Consultants Inc, on behalf of the Town of Danvers to provide dam consulting for the Curtis Pond Dam in Middleton, Massachusetts. The dam was a 160-foot-long concrete and stone masonry structure that had partially breached. Pare performed a Phase II inspection and evaluation of the dam and developed a hydrologic model of the contributing watershed areas. Alternatives were to either bring the dam into compliance with current dam safety regulations or to remove the dam to the extents required to eliminate it as a regulated dam structure.

The Town opted to pursue the dam removal option. Pare then completed a dam removal feasibility study, development of conceptual dam removal plans, evaluation of the effect of dam removal upon upstream and downstream flood levels, development of preliminary sediment management, and development of conceptual costs.

Upon approval, Pare provided engineering design and plans for the demolition of the existing dam structure and restoration of the restored stream channel and provided construction observation services during the completion of the work.