Dexter Street Improvements

Pawtucket and Central Falls, RI

Dexter Street Improvements

Pawtucket and Central Falls, RI
  • Roadway pavement replacement
  • Sidewalk replacement
  • ADA-compliant walkways
  • Drainage improvements
  • Traffic signal replacement
  • Permitting
  • Public outreach
  • Bridge repairs

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation identified Dexter Street in Central Falls and Pawtucket, RI, from Lonsdale Avenue in Central Falls to Goff Avenue in Pawtucket, approximately 1.1 miles in length. Twenty-five side streets intersect Dexter Street within the project limits and approximately twenty feet of each street was included in the project.

Pare evaluated the area and found that most of the pavement was in poor to fair condition, signage was faded and not up to current standards, there were a number of ADA compliance issues, the seven signalized intersections needed equipment and timing upgrades, sidewalks were in poor to fair condition, drainage catch basins were in poor condition, and the existing street trees were causing problems with the sidewalks and the utilities.

Pare prepared a Project Report which included a Traffic Safety Analysis, a permitting analysis, and recommended improvements, including repairs to the street-level portions of the Dexter Street Bridge No. 934 over the Amtrak and Providence & Worcester Railroad corridors. Pare then prepared final design plans and provided construction-phase services. Ribbon-cutting for the completed project took place in August 2016.