Glocester Landfill Environmental Monitoring

Glocester, RI

Glocester Landfill Environmental Monitoring

Glocester, RI
  • Post-closure environmental monitoring
  • Landfill gas surveying
  • Groundwater monitoring at the former landfills
  • Semi-Annual Monitoring Report
  • Periodic inspections of the landfill cover system

Pare was hired by the Town of Glocester in 2014 to perform semi-annual landfill gas surveying and post-closure groundwater monitoring for an abandoned landfill that had been closed for over ten years in accordance with the state’s Environmental Monitoring Plan.

The landfill gas survey consists of screening soil vapors at previously-installed landfill gas probes situated along the perimeter of the landfill for methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and oxygen. In the event that sample results indicate methane levels are in excess of the RIDEM regulatory limit, Pare immediately contacts the Town and assists them in performing remedial activities to achieve compliance at the site.

For the groundwater monitoring program, Pare collects groundwater samples from monitoring wells located along the perimeter of the site. Parameters consisting of pH, temperature, specific conductivity, and total dissolved solids are monitored and recorded by Pare during well purging. Each sample is delivered to an environmental laboratory to be analyzed.

The results of the environmental monitoring program are evaluated by Pare and summarized in a semi-annual monitoring report for review by the Town and final submission to the RIDEM Office of Waste Management.