I-95 Northbound Viaduct Replacement

Providence, RI

I-95 Northbound Viaduct Replacement

Providence, RI
  • Design/Build
  • Preservation of four bridges
  • Widening of three bridges
  • Structural design
  • Final design and construction documents
  • Construction-phase services

Pare is a member of the Design/Build team retained by RIDOT to replace the deteriorated Northbound Viaduct which carries I-95 through downtown Providence. Pare is providing bridge design, along with permitting, utility design, and stormwater design.

Pare’s bridge tasks include the preservation of four bridges within the project limits. Pare developed plans and specifications for repairs to Park Street Bridge No. 704, Chalkstone Bridge No. 706 over Amtrak, Ashburton St. Bridge No. 707, and Charles St. Bridge No. 708. Pare also designed the widening of the Chalkstone, Ashburton St., and Charles St. Bridges, which are necessary to support a proposed on-ramp to I-95N.

Pare is also responsible for state and federal environmental permitting for the reconstruction of the NB viaduct including a CRMC Assent, RIDEM Water Quality Certification, RIPDES authorization, Stormwater Construction Permit, UIC Permit, and Remediation General Permit, USACE authorization under the General Permits of RI, NEPA re-evaluation, and preparation of small site SWPPPs, as well as the overall soil erosion and sediment control plan for construction.