Middleton Town Complex Master Plan

Middleton, MA

Middleton Town Complex Master Plan

Middleton, MA
  • Master planning
  • Existing site conditions
  • Preliminary site layout and design
  • Traffic impact analysis
  • Wetlands delineation and permitting
  • Drainage and stormwater design
  • Community engagement
  • Parking and pedestrian circulation

Pare was a member of the architectural design team hired to develop a master plan for the future Middleton Town Complex composed of two parcels totaling approximately 52 acres total on a former golf course site. Development of the master plan included review of the existing conditions of the site and workshopping the placement of proposed buildings including a proposed combined public safety building and a combined town hall and community center building.

Pare developed a traffic impact analysis report and a feasibility study report which included review of existing conditions, utilities, and constraints at the site as well as a description of anticipated permitting requirements. Pare performed wetlands delineations at the proposed site and prepared an Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) for submission to the Town of Middleton Conservation Commission.

Pare worked closely with the design team and the public to assist in the development of a conceptual two-phased approach for the construction of the future town complex including preliminary stormwater management system locations and sizes.