Southborough Water System Engineering Services

Southborough, MA

Southborough Water System Engineering Services

Southborough, MA
  • Computerized hydraulic model development
  • Pressure-reducing valve study and replacement design
  • Capital Improvements Plan
  • Water System Master Plan
  • SCADA System Design
  • Pump station upgrades
  • Water storage tank repainting

As the Town of Southborough’s on-call water system engineer, Pare has completed several major projects for the Town. Starting in 2007, Pare developed a computerized hydraulic model and used it to complete a comprehensive system evaluation for the Town and a Water System Master Plan that identified several critical water system needs, which were then developed into several Capital Improvement Projects. Pare updated the Water System Master Plan in 2019.

Pare has been working with the Town to implement the Capital Improvement Projects that came out of the Master Plan. In 2008, Pare completed a redesign of four pressure-reducing valve vaults located along the Town’s High Service/Low Service boundary. Pare prepared specifications for the refurbishment of two steel storage tanks in the Town’s Low Service Area. These two tank projects were completed in 2010 and 2011. In 2010, Pare prepared plans and specifications for a new Town-wide SCADA system. The new SCADA system replaced the Town’s antiquated telemetry system and added monitoring and remote-control functionality to a number of water system assets.

In 2012, Pare completed a 500-ft water main design and pump station demolition, both on Rt. 9, which is a busy four-lane state highway through the center of Town, requiring night-time work. Construction of these projects was completed in 2013. Pare prepared plans and specifications for a complete upgrade to one of the Town’s two primary booster pump stations which were completed in 2014. In 2016, Pare completed the design of an additional 7,700 feet of water main replacement on Rt.9, which rectified a long-standing issue of repeated breaks to a 1930s vintage cast iron main in the middle of a busy highway. Pare worked with the Town and the neighboring Town of Ashton on an interconnection, which includes a new meter vault, pipe upgrades, and upgrades to the other booster station in the system.

Pare recently designed the replacement of 5,000 feet of old cast iron water main on Main Street and is currently working on a water main replacement on Newton Street.