Tiverton Landfill Engineering Services

Tiverton, RI

Tiverton Landfill Engineering Services

Tiverton, RI
  • Quarterly groundwater monitoring
  • Renewal of operating license
  • Evaluation of stormwater management and leachate mitigation
  • Slope restoration/protection controls and upgrades
  • Operating, groundwater monitoring, closure, and post-closure plans
  • Remaining lifespan evaluation
  • Recycling center design
  • Solid waste feasibility study

Pare has provided engineering consulting services since 1976 to the Town of Tiverton for its municipal Sanitary Landfill, which is one of only two permitted and operating municipal landfills in Rhode Island.

The landfill property encompasses approximately 125 acres of land, of which 33 acres are permitted for solid waste landfilling activities. The remainder of the property is used for the collection and transfer of recyclables; wood chipping; records and equipment maintenance; cover material excavation (borrow); runoff control; and a wooded buffer. The Town currently produces and landfills approximately 7,000 tons of waste annually.

Services provided by Pare include quarterly groundwater monitoring and reporting; and evaluation of stormwater management, leachate mitigation, and slope restoration/protection controls and upgrades, including a site-wide drainage study. In addition, Pare prepared a Solid Waste Feasibility Study in order to assist the Town with their long-term solid waste management planning and designed a new recycling center for Town residents.