UMass Boston Transportation Study

Boston, MA

UMass Boston Transportation Study

Boston, MA
  • Extensive data collection process
  • Analysis of transit system services
  • Vehicle, commuter and pedestrian trip projections
  • Analysis of 15 intersections
  • Mitigation analysis and recommendations

Pare Corporation was retained by UMass Boston to complete a transportation study assessing the impacts of the university’s projected expansion on the surrounding study area. Several new structures are planned, including educational buildings, residence halls and parking structures, as the university is seeking to increase enrollment.

An extensive traffic study involving 15 intersections, both on- and off-campus, was prepared by Pare and included analysis of existing, no-build, and build conditions. The study also used the extensive trip data collected to construct origin destination diagrams and analyze internal trips versus cut-through trips. Where necessary, mitigation measures were recommended at study area intersections including timing, phasing, and/or minor geometric improvements.

The transit system of the University, including the MBTA and regional agencies, was also studied. Ridership, bus routes, schedules, stop locations, and accommodations were evaluated.

This project included extensive coordination with the university’s planning department as well as several entities maintaining jurisdiction near the campus including the City of Boston, MassDOT, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, and the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation.