Veterans Memorial Bridge No. 182 Replacement

Barrington, RI

Veterans Memorial Bridge No. 182 Replacement

Barrington, RI
A Habitat Protected
  • Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques with NEXT beams
  • Evaluation and Design Study Report
  • Design of replacement bridge structure
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Protection of turtle habitat during construction
  • Green Infrastructure Design
  • Construction-phase services

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation retained Pare to design the replacement of Bridge No. 182 (previously known as Central Bridge), which carries Massasoit Avenue over the Barrington River in the Town of Barrington.

The project is located within the Barrington River watershed, an area with environmental regulatory requirements enforced by the RI Coastal Resources Management Council and RI Department of Environmental Management. Upstream of the bridge is a breeding area for terrapin turtles, a limited resource in Rhode Island. Special precautions had to be taken during construction.

Pare designed a 324 foot-long, 5-span prestressed concrete NEXT beam bridge supported on concrete-filled steel pipe piles. The new bridge is 21 feet wider than the original structure and includes a third travel lane, 4-foot shoulders for bicyclists, and adequate sidewalk widths for shared use with pedestrians and fishermen.