Wastewater Treatment Plant Levee Repairs

Warwick, RI

Wastewater Treatment Plant Levee Repairs

Warwick, RI
500-Year Flood Resiliency
  • Stability evaluations
  • Alternatives analysis and conceptual design
  • Zoned embankment, retaining wall, and filter design
  • Design of blanket and toe drain systems
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Final design and contract document preparation
  • Construction-phase services

Pare Corporation was retained by the Warwick Sewer Authority (WSA) to complete the design of improvements to the levee surrounding the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. The need for the project became apparent when the structure was overtopped by the Pawtuxet River during the flooding event of March 2010. The WSA, in agreement with FEMA, determined that the levee should be raised to accommodate a 500-year flood event.

Pare designed an alignment that integrated with the original structure, did not impact adjacent wetlands, worked around the existing yard and facility structures, and tied into the adjacent I-95 highway embankment. The final design included full-depth reconstruction to repair a section of the original levee damaged during previous activities at the facility (Phase 1), construction of a new section of levee between the facility access road and Interstate 95 (Phase II), and raising the levee 5.5 feet to the 500-year flood elevation using zoned embankment construction and augmented slope protection (Phase III).

Pare prepared three bid packages and provided full-time construction administration to assist the WSA in reviewing submittals, monitoring schedules and progress, monitoring quality of the work, and compliance with the project intent. Pare also provided full-time resident engineering and conducted regular project meetings.