Whittenton Mill Dam Emergency Flood Response

Taunton, MA

Whittenton Mill Dam Emergency Flood Response

Taunton, MA
  • Emergency response
  • Alternatives evaluation
  • Impact assessment
  • Flood evaluations
  • Emergency rock buttress
  • Coordination with emergency agencies
  • Stability analyses and emergency design

Upon receiving a call on October 17, 2005 after a 9-day period of record-breaking rainfall, Pare responded to a request from the owners of this privately-owned timber crib dam to evaluate the deteriorating conditions that eventually led to the partial evacuation of the City of Taunton. Pare coordinated continued observation of the conditions at the dam, provided routine updates to the City and State emergency response personnel (FEMA and MEMA), and evaluated emergency alternatives. Pare assessed the potential impact of a dam failure under varying conditions to assist the City in developing their response in the downstream area and developed a design to eliminate the hazard at the dam without causing downstream flooding or increasing upstream flooding within the 42-square mile drainage area.

Once the river crested on October 19, Pare coordinated the installation of by-pass pumps, the systematic removal of sections of the dam, and the construction of a rock buttress located immediately downstream of the dam to support the deteriorated base of the original timber crib dam.

Throughout the six-day event, Pare provided continued onsite support, coordinated with the state dam safety personnel, and provided updates to a state review panel.