Henry J. Winters Elementary School

Pawtucket, RI

Henry J. Winters Elementary School

Pawtucket, RI
STEAM-Powered Elementary School
  • Site/civil engineering
  • Permit applications
  • Green stormwater management
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Environmental investigations
  • Site remediation
  • Traffic engineering
  • NE-CHPS certification
  • State and local permitting

Pare provided site/civil, environmental, geotechnical, and traffic engineering as well as regulatory permitting services for the design of the new $40M, 3-story, 95,000-SF Henry J. Winters Elementary School which is designed to provide a STEAM-focused education to 640 students.

To facilitate construction on a fast-paced timeline, Pare prepared an early sitework demolition package. A complete geotechnical program was performed to characterize the subsurface conditions and provide bearing capacity recommendations to the structural engineer.

Pare performed environmental investigations that revealed contaminants in the soil which, while generally low, exceeded residential direct exposure criteria and were pervasive throughout the site. Pare filed a Notification of Release with the RI Department of Environmental Management. Because the site is located within a designated Environmental Justice area, Pare completed a public meeting, which was advertised in three different languages. Pare prepared a Site Investigation Report and a Remedial Action Work Plan for the site.

Site design included layout and grading of the site, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, design of a low-impact drainage system, and coordination and design of utilities. A new stormwater management system provides water quality treatment and groundwater recharge to runoff generated at the site.

The project incorporates energy-efficient and healthy living design standards to qualify for NE-CHPS certification.