Rumford Center Mixed Use Development

East Providence, RI

Rumford Center Mixed Use Development

East Providence, RI
History Repurposed!
  • Site layout design
  • Drainage design
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Utility investigations and design of modifications
  • Permitting
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Cost estimates

The Rumford Center is an Adaptive Re-Use and Brownfield Redevelopment of the buildings that formed the “Rumford Chemical Works,” a manufacturing facility dating to the 1850’s that produced Rumford Baking Powder and was once one of the largest and most successful chemical companies in the United States. The project required a mixed-use, floating overlay district to convert the property to residential, commercial, and retail use.

Project elements included renovations and additions to existing buildings, relocation of one of the existing buildings, demolition of deficient structures, construction of new structures, creation of adequate parking, and pedestrian access improvements. The $40-million development includes 89 residential apartments, 60,000 SF of commercial office, 7,800 SF of retail space, and 418 parking spaces on 8.5 acres. Pare’s services included:

  • Submittal materials for City of East Providence reviews including: Master Plan Review, Preliminary Plan Review, Final Plan Review, and Application for a Change in Zone.
  • Design of site elements associated with building renovations, parking, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation.
  • Analysis and design of all proposed utilities to the renovated facilities.
  • Analysis of the existing on-site drainage facilities and design of proposed modifications based on the proposed renovations.
  • Coordination and permitting with relevant City and State agencies.
  • Performance of a Traffic Impact Analysis and Safety Analysis, including recommendations for necessary improvements.

Three years after initial occupancy, Pare provided supplemental engineering services for the addition of 23 new apartments and over 10,000 SF of commercial and retail space.