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As a multidisciplinary firm of engineers, planners, environmental and wetland scientists, GIS specialists, and regulatory permitting specialists, our clients depend on us to help them work through the anxieties of the design and permitting process while sharing their sense of urgency.

In addition to the traditional engineering and planning projects you would expect to find as you look through these pages (roads, bridges, site design, infrastructure), you will find projects and experience featuring sustainable and low-impact development, smart growth planning, and LEED documentation for “Green” building certification.

Pare has been serving the needs of public and private clients throughout New England and the Eastern United States for more than four-and-a-half decades.

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Featured Project
G&W (formerly P&W) Railroad Bridge No. 35.29 crossing the Blackstone River, Sutton, MA

Pare has been providing consulting engineering services to the Providence & Worcester (now the Genesee & Wyoming) Railroad Company since 1974.  As part of these ongoing services, Pare designed replacement structures for Bridge No. 35.29 in Sutton, MA. 

Originally constructed in 1903 to carry the rail line over the Blackstone River, the 100-foot, two-span through-girder bridge was supported on 20-foot high granite block abutments and a center stone pier.  Additional timber piers were added to the center pier in the 1950's following storm surge damage from a hurricane.  However, the bridge had load carrying deficiencies and the added timber piers created maintenance issues.

The replacement structure is a single-span through-plate girder supported on modified stone abutments.  The abutment foundations, because of their height and slenderness, required reinforcing with sheet pile-lagged retaining walls placed behind the existing structures to limit the loads from the Cooper E 80 design loads.  The new single-span structure eliminated the maintenance issues of the center pier; however, the pier was left in place to reduce demolition costs and environmental impacts.  Pare designed the replacement structure to allow for accelerated bridge construction that limited track closure to a single 4-day outage. 

This video, captured by aerial drone, shows a train with ethanol tankers crossing the completed bridge in November of 2016.



Allen Orsi, P.E. promoted to Vice President

Please join us in congratulating Allen Orsi, P.E.  on his promotion to Vice President! Allen interned at Pare while in college before accepting a fulltime position upon graduation in 2000.  Since then, he has developed strong technical and management
skills that he uses to support the firm’s dam and geotechnical engineering projects. His abilities and client relationships have been instrumental in growing Pare’s Geotechnical Division.  Thank you, Allen, for all that you do on behalf of our clients, their projects, and the Pare team. Congratulations!